This One is for the Older Folks

Hey folks,

This announcement is a little different than all the previous ones I've sent out to this list before.  It's not about some evangelization event, or a Catholic looking for work, but, it is still all about Catholics helping Catholics. It's been born out of some personal frustration I've been having, and I bet some of you have gone, or will soon go, through what I've been going through. So, I hope this might help you out.

I turned 65 this year and have been inundated with mailers, emails, etc. about Medicare and Medicare plans.  Even though I have recently gotten my insurance license, wading through all of these plans, what they offer, trying to compare plans and do cost/benefit analyses...all of that has been driving me crazy.

However...I found "a guy".  Johnny Brooklere is a good Catholic man that I've known for more than 20 years now.  His family owns three independent pharmacies in the Birmingham area.  He had so many of his older customers coming to him and asking him about Medicare plans and benefits and such, that he finally decided to look into all of it so he could better help them find the best plans for the best cost.  That led to him actually starting an insurance agency of his own - Solutions Insurance Agency - so as to better serve his pharmacy customers.

So, if you're soon to be turning 65 (or know someone who is), and your mind is as boggled as mine is by all the options out there, or maybe you're already 65 or older (or know someone who is) and want to see if there is a better Medicare option than what you currently have, and want to deal with someone you can trust, contact Johnny.  I've seen what he does and how he does it.  He can look at and compare a lot of the plans out there for you and give you a few different options, and quite possibly save you some money.  It's relatively quick, it's definitely painless, and, again, it could save you some much needed cash.  He handles Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D subscription plans.   He does all the work for you.

And, you don't have to be in the Birmingham area for him to help you out.  He can do all of this by phone, no matter where you are in Alabama.  The Annual Enrollment Period for these plans is October 15 thru Dec 7.  So, call or email him now to set up an appointment - by phone or in person - if you want/need some help with all of this Medicare stuff.  His email is:  Phone numbers are: 205-514-4964 (office); 205-903-0809 (cell).

Hopefully he can help you, and you can help him.  Catholics helping Catholics...

(Disclaimer: Johnny is an independent agent. He does not represent every plan but he does represent over 75% of the plan options available, and he can compare all plan options whether he represents them or not.)