Fr. Coyle Documentary

Hey folks,


Would you like to be part of a project that brings a message of hope, racial reconciliation, and faith through the eyes of a priest in the Catholic Church?


On August 11th, 2021, the 100th Anniversary of the death of Father James E. Coyle will be celebrated at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham. To commemorate this event and to celebrate the life of Father Coyle, we are developing a documentary about this Catholic martyr from Ireland so that his story can be shared with the rest of the world.  


You can be a part of this documentary in three ways;


  1. Support the production of the project by becoming a corporate sponsor or individual donor.
  2. If you have information or memorabilia from the time when Father Coyle was the pastor at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, we would invite you to share that with us.
  3. If you have a personal connection to Fr. Coyle through your family and would like to be interviewed for the documentary, then we would like to talk to you.


We are starting soon on production, and we are dependent upon public support to see this project through so it can be completed in time for the 100th Anniversary Celebration. In addition, it will be aired on Alabama Public Television in August, and those who have participated can receive screen credit.


More information about the Father Coyle Project can be found on the website, and you can watch the feature film trailer here,


You may make a tax-deductible donation to the Father Coyle Project either through the United for Life Foundation or through Alabama Public Television:


United for Life Foundation

P.O. Box 43217

Birmingham, AL 35243

Designate: Fr. Coyle Project


Alabama Public Television

Attn: Phil Hutcheson

2112 11th Avenue South, Suite 400 

Birmingham, AL  35205

Designate: Fr. Coyle Documentary on the check and make payable to Alabama Public Television


If you have any questions, or if you would like any additional information, please contact the United for Life Foundation at (205) 969-0771, or email,


Thank you for your support!